Full Data Backup Protection

SaaSAssure integrates advanced security to defend backups from malicious and accidental threats that lead to data loss.

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Security-First Approach to Backup

Creating regular backups is critical to protecting valuable business data from potential disasters that lead to loss or destruction, but it's only part of the solution.

Modern cybercriminals now target backup repositories themselves because they know that if you're unable to recover your information, you're more likely to agree to their demands, like a ransomware payout, for example. 

In addition, not all threats are external.  Some are the result of internal accidents or user errors.

The end result is the same: SaaS data backups are at risk. You need a proactive approach to protecting backup repositories from malicious or accidental compromise.


Keep Control of Backup Data

Advanced phishing scams and reverse engineering techniques are widely used to steal user credentials and gain unauthorized access to backup environments. Once in, hackers can take control and attempt to disrupt backups by deleting repositories, changing retention periods, or deactivating accounts.  If successful, you're left without the ability to recover data.

SaaSAssure combines Multifactor Authentication (MFA) and Multiperson Approval (MPA) to create a defensive layer that prevents malicious or accidental destructive actions from taking place.

When a user attempts to carry out a potentially harmful action, such as deleting a backup repository, MPA steps in and requires the approval of additional users or administrators before proceeding. By working in tandem, MFA and MPA guarantee that only authorized individuals with the right credentials and permissions can perform tasks that have the potential to cause damage.


Enable Multifactor Authentication (MFA) at the user account level to authenticate users when they sign in or attempt to perform a potentially destructive action like deleting data sets.

  • Supports six-digit time-based one-time passwords (TOTP), such as Google or Microsoft Authenticator.


Enable Multiperson Approval (MPA) at the customer account level to require up to three administrators to approve a user's attempt to perform a potentially destructive task.

  • Approvers receive an email when a user attempts to perform a task that requires approval.
  • Approvers must respond to a request within 30 minutes or it expires and is denied.

Fully Customizable

  • Set thresholds to determine how many approvals are required.
  • Select approvers from current active users.
  • Apply to tasks such as deactivating accounts, removing connectors, deleting storage locations, editing backups, creating/deleting on-demand backups and restore.
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AES 256-bit Encryption

Safeguard valuable data with the highest level of encryption standards, ensuring that business-critical data remains secure and protected both when it's at rest and during transmission.

With AES 256-bit encryption, sensitive information is shielded from any potential threats or unauthorized access.