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Why SaaSAssure?

Asigra, a pioneer in backup and recovery for over 35 years, brings MSPs SaaSAssure, a robust platform for safeguarding business-critical SaaS data.  The growing adoption of SaaS applications requires organizations of all sizes to prioritize SaaS workloads in a comprehensive backup and recovery strategy is crucial.   
Discover the SaaSAssure protection platform and protect SaaS data, ensure availability, compliance, and security across the widest portfolio of SaaS applications. 


  • Innovative, security-first backup solutions allow you to offer differentiated services to customers
  • Create new, sticky revenue streams that improve customer loyalty, satisfaction and profitability
  • Build your portfolio of service offerings and take advantage of new market opportunities

How Asigra Helps You Succeed

Compete on a clear playing field

You will never face competition from us. First, we don’t ever sell direct to end customers. Next, we also eliminate channel conflict between Partners through our Deal Registration Program, which lets you lock in your deals and rewards you for promoting, selling and deploying private cloud solutions.

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Access world-class enterprise support.  Submit support tickets and post questions to the forum.

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